Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wrapping up with Felt

Well hello there.  It's been awhile :)    I've been busy but sadly not with fun stuff here.  I did manage to wrap up a small piece for Jennifer Carroll's Celebrating Everyday Life November/December Issue.  I just grabbed my mess of supplies from our dingy rental basement and threw together a little tutorial on taking fabric, yarn and felt scraps and making them into something you could be proud to give.

Here is a little detail from one of the toppers.

You can check out all the great ideas and stories here.  I really love this cover ... I am tagging it for next year's holiday.

One of my favorites is the cocoa party!!!  I dream of setting up something like this on my new stone porch.  There is something so welcoming about a cup of hot chocolate.  For now it is a dream, as we continue to finish up all the little and big details at the new house.

One of my favorite cocoa gift ideas is busy getting pinned over on pinterest.  You can find it here and here.

I hope to be back before the holidays to share a couple of wrapping and gift ideas.

Until then ...

Keep Warm!

From my hot cocoa recipe (see above)


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