Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wrap it up Thursday - Kraft Paper and Red

Wrapping up tradition -
Kraft paper and red accents

First Row - left to right  - Sweet Paul (photo by Frances Janisch), a creative mintcreature comforts
Second Row - left to right - flickr (patchwork pottery),  a creative minthow about orange
Third Row - left to right - Whipperberryangel at my table,  achica living

Well if you celebrate Christmas - it all comes to a close in the next few days and in keeping with tradition I've created a collage with tried and true red.  What makes these combinations more current is the use of kraft paper as a backdrop.  I just love how Leslie Shewring (top centre photo), of A Creative Mint, uses a simple grocery bag as wrapping.  There is something so beautiful about a simply wrapped gift. 

 If you still need to wrap a few- grab some paper grocery bags, red yarn and a candy cane ...
 and go to town!


  1. I love brown and red as a color combination. Somehow brown softens the bright pop of red a bit, you know? I'm *almost* all wrapped, but you've given me some ideas for finishing up! Happiest of holidays to you!

  2. love this !!! just in time for the wrapping I must finish today- thank you


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