Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chipping away at the Bucket List

Well we gave our new stand-up mixer a go at the marshmallow making.  What a difference!  So much easier than hand mixing.  Light  and fluffy.  They would be great packaged up as a smore kit.  I should really do that because it is kind of hot for cocoa.  Strike one off the summer bucket list.

Next were the nests.  Not too bad but I think I will look and see if there are smaller chow mein noodles.  I also learned that you must add the eggs with clean hands.  Chocolate on the eggs ruins the effect.

Strike two off the list.

And finally... what lazy summer day is not complete without a sleep- in with your sister (on a blow up mattress for a sleepover) and Rufus.  Do I freak out at the mess?  Do I freak out at the fact that that hairy dog is on the bed?   Do I freak out that they are not up yet?  Of course not!!!!

This is what should have been number one on my summer bucket list!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Too hot!

Okay... I admit it.  I haven't even looked at my summer bucket list.  It's too hot. 

 I wanted to take a picture of these nails the minute they were finished.  Too much fun!  These decals are called Girl Flower.  But now as she sleeps away in bed, I can see that they show the savages of time.  The basketball camp and the beach volleyball camp have done some damage.  Still, I think they are pretty cute and remind me what summer is all about.  I think in this house, after a week of camps in record heat, they should be called Girl Power!

This is another summer addition.  Balloo the fish.  I was talked into it when dad was away, the girls were bored and as it turns out...  I was starting to get a summer cold.  I must have been becoming delirious.  Whatever the case, each girl now has one.   Balloo is Ali's and he is all blinged out and surrounded by a seashore theme.  He is very curious and, in the morning this week, when I try to pry Ali out of bed for camp, he likes to check it all out.

My fever has finally ended.  Camps are over.  Surgery for tonsils still 10 days away.
This weekend... bucket list ... HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bucket List

Do you have a summer bucket list?

I think I am going to start one.  Between theater camp, basketball camp and a tonsillectomy - I better figure out some fun stuff to do.

Here are a few quick and not so quick ideas.

My favorite colors.  I have done some mason jars but I love this.

Nests are just so cute.  Especially if you can eat one like this.

Ali gave me a beautiful jar of  beads from my favorite store in Key West - Besame Mucho.  This is what I want to do with them.

I want to try caramels.  How cute does this look.

By the end of the summer I will be able to make shapes like this.

We have made homemade marshmallows before but I was given a stand-up mixer for Mother's Day so that should make this somewhat easier.  Smores here we come!

Okay.  I know.  Another flower?  But how cute is this.

I am committed to blogging about my summer bucket list, in an effort to keep on track.

These should keep us busy.  For a week or so...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Tracey! move on ...

You would think after stressing over tissue balls and paper lanterns, I would welcome a break.

You would be wrong.

I think this is so beautiful.  Just a wild collection of colors and shapes as a back drop for the wedding of blogger  Elsie Larson. You can see all the beautiful, amazing images here.

How about this created for another wedding.  I love all the different types of flowers in the swag.  I even see one like my white flower from one of the grads.  Hope I remember this idea in a couple of years!

Here is another grouping for a shower.  Love the pale blue.

I have seen this around before.  How cool to be on the cutting edge of glitter and fringe.  This is the go-to group for that.

Here is a collection of streamers and flowers.  Directions for the ruffled streamers can be found here.

And of course the banner.  Can we get enough of those.  This is a tutorial on how to create a tissue one.  Very ethereal.

I have to wait two years for the next graduation.  Maybe I could apply them to this room.

Would that be too much?  Is it time to move on ? ...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Extreme Shed Makeover

Years ago we put in a shed as a playhouse for the girls.  In a few short weeks I was able to transform it.

Fast-forward a few years and the girls haven't really used it.  It stores all of our outdoor furniture in the winter.

Well this year I decided it needed to be a chill pad.  A place to hang, listen to music and craft if it isn't too hot.


You may recall I lined up some crafts for the summer here.  Well what a perfect place to do it.

I made stuff on the ceiling from napkins, tissue balls from birthdays and some of the left over grad lanterns.

Taylor Swift on the cover of Instyle - read it here.  And what you can't hear - Taylor Swift playing through the ipod. 

 Well, if they don't want to hang, I could play Joni Mitchell and bring out my kindle ...

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