Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chipping away at the Bucket List

Well we gave our new stand-up mixer a go at the marshmallow making.  What a difference!  So much easier than hand mixing.  Light  and fluffy.  They would be great packaged up as a smore kit.  I should really do that because it is kind of hot for cocoa.  Strike one off the summer bucket list.

Next were the nests.  Not too bad but I think I will look and see if there are smaller chow mein noodles.  I also learned that you must add the eggs with clean hands.  Chocolate on the eggs ruins the effect.

Strike two off the list.

And finally... what lazy summer day is not complete without a sleep- in with your sister (on a blow up mattress for a sleepover) and Rufus.  Do I freak out at the mess?  Do I freak out at the fact that that hairy dog is on the bed?   Do I freak out that they are not up yet?  Of course not!!!!

This is what should have been number one on my summer bucket list!

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  1. Oh how i wish you lived in Kalamazoo Michigan. We would be besties. Handmade Marshmallow- I've wanted to make them for so long….long before blogs and Michael's. When Martha Stewart first put them in Living. I mentioned it often and EVERYONE literally laughed at me. Imagine making your own marshmallows????? Funny and ridiculous. Now I haven't done it- another of those projects I just didn't do but I have had homemade and they are delicious.


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