Friday, July 22, 2011

Too hot!

Okay... I admit it.  I haven't even looked at my summer bucket list.  It's too hot. 

 I wanted to take a picture of these nails the minute they were finished.  Too much fun!  These decals are called Girl Flower.  But now as she sleeps away in bed, I can see that they show the savages of time.  The basketball camp and the beach volleyball camp have done some damage.  Still, I think they are pretty cute and remind me what summer is all about.  I think in this house, after a week of camps in record heat, they should be called Girl Power!

This is another summer addition.  Balloo the fish.  I was talked into it when dad was away, the girls were bored and as it turns out...  I was starting to get a summer cold.  I must have been becoming delirious.  Whatever the case, each girl now has one.   Balloo is Ali's and he is all blinged out and surrounded by a seashore theme.  He is very curious and, in the morning this week, when I try to pry Ali out of bed for camp, he likes to check it all out.

My fever has finally ended.  Camps are over.  Surgery for tonsils still 10 days away.
This weekend... bucket list ... HERE I COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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