Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trying to remain calm

I am starting to think that maybe I have made too many promises and I am afraid that I won't be able to deliver.  The lantern/tissue and now flower thingamabobies are due on Thursday for the grad.  

I was looking for something different in white all over the city and came across the martha flowers from a paper bag tutorial.  I couldn't see myself putting those together without a complete breakdown so I started playing around with legal white paper and folding it accordion style.  I saw that if i clipped the folds a half petal shape it could turn into a flower.

It isn't long enough so I need two sheets that I tape together.  It isn't perfect but it will be hanging up fairly high and I think I can get away with it.

This is in no way a tutorial but this is what I did.  

I can use the flowers to fill in gaps once they are hung at the event.  Maybe I could use double sided tape or glue dots.  Not sure.

I came across this picture on the weekend and I couldn't believe it.  This is kind of what I am trying to do but in many colors instead of white.  And the flowers are so much more sophisticated.  All I really need is time now.

They are getting there but my husband hurt his leg playing soccer and now that means I am up and down the ladder for thingamabobie 2.  So frustrating.

Maybe I can get back to my bag of happiness next week...hopefully...but then there is the video for the other grad...

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