Friday, June 3, 2011

Missing Ribbon

I recently donated a few things from my etsy shop for a school silent auction.  I delisted my # 1 prize ribbon and Molly the Monkey.  Molly has a removable hat (with braids) and a skirt and scarf, so that naked, she is safe for small children.  I added a knitted cake and the donation became a new mom basket.

Well, when the organizer put all the donations together in her car, somehow my prize ribbon fell out of the basket and went missing.  Now I had to scramble to make a new #1 for the fundraiser.

The new #1 ribbon delivered today!

 At first I was a little frustrated but then I thought - someone has picked up my ribbon and somewhere in my neighborhood there is a little kid proudly proclaiming they are number one.  The card the ribbon comes with says  "you deserve this"  and I guess that thought they did!

I better start making some more ribbons the shop is getting low ...

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