Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wrap it up Thursday - Starting Fresh

 You've probably seen all the magazines at the grocery check out on organization, the commercials for detox and the flyers for gyms.  It's a new year and everyone wants to start fresh.  

I think it would be neat to start the new year with a signature wrap.  Gather all the supplies you need and you have a go-to look no matter what you are wrapping up.

I found this yellow combination from etsy shops and bakery supplies.  Inspire Lovely on etsy is about to open again after a new baby.  Look at the lovely choices of bakery twine.  The yellow fringe is from Bake it Pretty.  They also have novelty cupcake toppers that you can customize for other crafting you might like to do. Parcel and Paper on etsy has packaging supplies including this sweet lace doilie.  And ... finish it up with a cute yellow tag from LCBpaper on etsy.

I can only imagine that a special package, put together with these pieces, would be greatly appreciated.  I love the idea of a little signature butterfly and this blue reminds me of a fresh new year.  The Gilded Bee (butterflies,  ribbons, twine and pom pom fringe) also on etsy has an inspiring range of ribbons, millinery, toppings, twines ... you name it.  Inspire Lovely has great glassine bags (I can never find these) and cute little clothespins. 

Okay, I have to confess.  I love this idea, I dream of this idea but I hate to get rid of what I have and I find that I want to customize each gift I give- but hey a girl can aspire to a fresh new year ... Now I'm off to buy detox tea.
(I'm not kidding!)

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