Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Feather Toppers - From Felt

As promised, here is a more "fallish" version of a felt feather topper.  Earlier in the week, I put together watercolour pencils and feather toppers.  Today I applied the same DIY to knitting needles.  A quick little craft project to squeeze into your day.  It uses up little bits and pieces you might have on hand (or ones that can easily be found and your local craft store) and in the end of a few crafty moments you have a little prezzie for someone special :)

1.   Once again, I cut out the feathers from felt bits and pieces, free hand.
2.  I added a few wraps of yarn to the top of the needles to create a base to glue the feathers on.
3.  The watercolour pencils came in handy for a feather tag.
4.  I added the needles to a small ball of yarn I had in my stash.  These needles packaged up with a few small project ideas would make a great little present for a niece or babysitter.  (project cards are from knit knack kit)

I'm not quite ready to do a full on Christmas themed project so this little project has eased me into winter.  From neon feathers to these autumn sky shades - somehow these colours make me want to light a fire and knit up a storm ... but I can't relax until we have finished trying to sell our house ... so little projects like these will have to do.


  1. So darling...I just had to pop over and see what you have been up to...I just know you have oodles of lovely Christmas ideas! to see what I can borrow...happy weekend..xoxo

  2. These are gorgeous! I might need to incorporate these into my wedding somehow! Happiest 2013 to you! xo.


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