Sunday, May 22, 2011

In the beginning ...

...they started out like this.....

...and somehow they became this!

And I don't know how it happened or when.  I just know I want to slow it down - maybe even go back if I could because the days seemed so long and I always was waiting for the next step.  Now I find I dread the next step.  The steps to independence, to separation both physical and mental.  I'm not ready and I can't stop the clock.  They are who they are.  Lovely in every way but very much their own person.

Now, together, we are this.  

We love to craft and create.  Some of their photos are amazing.  At least to me.  Helana at the left started her etsy site when she was 11 years old!  Unbelievable.

This was the banner for her felted pet pebbles.  I said it would take hours to put it together and in the time it took for me to huff and puff why it was going to be so difficult, she had it up and running.  She even promoted herself.  Sent it to blogs.  Talked them up at craft shows and kept in touch with all the other crafters.  How did this happen?  This confident person.  When did this happen?

Now they have both helped me with this.  Told me what works.  What doesn't.  Taken pictures or picked colours.  I miss my mom alot but they help me through it.  They helped me to open my etsy site and to knit and sew what I sell on it.  Maybe just to say yes to a colour.  Or where the monkey eyes should go.

They encourage me to get out there.  I sent my ribbon idea to Amy Powers and now it is in her Birthday Issue.  It is absolutely brimming with birthday ideas.   She has a great blog and a wonderful collection of on-line magazines.  Check her out here.

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