Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Knitting for Babies that aren't mine ...

I love to knit for babies.  To have a reason.  Especially this time of year.  When the girls were small I didn't knit at all.  I guess I just didn't have the creative energy.  I think I just needed to figure things out.  I had a reason to knit but I didn't have the time. I knit these cupcake hats and viking helmet for teachers.  That's always a good reason to knit.

I got the patterns for the cupcake hats from here and the viking hat from here.  I adapted them a bit.  I have knit the cupcake hat so many times now I know what size to make it for twins and what size to make it for one year olds.  It is so much fun!

My cousin just had a baby so I made a group of things that all fit in a knitted container.

 The baby moccasins came from purl bee here and the container from More Last - Minute Knitted Gifts blogged at purl bee here

These gorgeous nesting dolls and inside out frog/turtle I knit came from Susan B. Anderson and her book itty bitty toys.  You can find out about her books here.

Now I kind of feel sad about this.  My girls are too big for these toys now.  Ali wants me to knit them up for her kids and save them.  I will have to try but usually I need the baby here or "on its way" to have the motivation.

By playing around with various patterns and ideas,  even looking at hat construction to make my monkey mouth,  I came up with patterns for the monkeys and inside-out cupcake toys I sell on my etsy site.

The cupcakes reverse to a healthy head of lettuce, inspired by Susan B. Anderson's inside-out toys.  Well maybe it is time to hit the yarn store for some ideas ... for my future grandchildren! ...

 By the way, there is still time to sign-up for this prize ribbon giveaway at inspire-co !

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  1. Hi! I came over via Amy's blog! Love your project in "Inspired Ideas Birthdays". Now I'm hoping to win one! (I had the paper crown project in this issue!). You have so much talent, I look forward to following your blog!


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