Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Better Homes and Gardens - Simply Handmade

I picked up the November issue of Better Homes and Gardens and unexpectedly came across this gorgeous spread.

I love the cut felt letters and brackets.  I just makes me want to start making something with my felt stash.

This article is all about Etsy.  There are some really great ideas and shop finds.

I was happy to see someone I have followed for quite awhile.  Heather Shaw, of pi'lo has a thriving business making beautiful items for babies, kids and homes.
My mom and I used to visit her display booth at the Toronto One of a Kind for years and she was always a big hit with her gorgeous take on the letters of the alphabet.
She made our "go-to-gift" - a bear in a pillow pocket  - for every baby shower we went to.  About 12 years ago, my mom had her make two gorgeous linen duvet covers - they are still in perfect condition.

On this page she contributed the felt cracker in the top left and the sewing kit.  Both can be found in her etsy shop (see below) but this issue also gives directions so you can make them yourself.  Heather has a beautiful crafted simplicity to her work.  I remember once visiting one of her studios and she kept her invoices in silk pouches hanging from the wall!  The whole space was a dream.

You can visit Heather's blog here or visit her etsy shop and pick up a sewing kit or wonderful pillow.

find here

find here

Now, back to BHG..

 it's time to find a reason to cut out letters from felt ...


  1. Hi there fellow BYW student:-) Oh I see you applied what we've learned as well - I love how you embellished the issue of Homes and Gardens. Your visual approach totally suits the magazine and its content - well done! Hugs, Igor xoxo

  2. Hi Tracey, I want this issue now too! Amazing. Your blog looks great, I love seeing how you have been incorporating what you have learned! I am thrilled. xoleslie

  3. I love the corsage. You are so talented.
    Wendy Foster


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