Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Birthday

Today would  be my mom's 70th birthday.  I lost her almost 4 years ago to a very unexpected aneurysm.  Her birthday falls on Canadian Thanksgiving and she was always hosting a family dinner.  She was always ripped off when it came to a special celebration just for her.  This is a birthday ribbon I made for Amy Power's Inspired Ideas magazine - birthday issue, inspired by her.  I think she would have liked it. 

 I miss her everyday.  She was my best friend.  I don't know what she would have thought about turning 70.  Probably not much.  And I think she would have begged us not to have a party - but I am pretty sure we would have done something special to honor her today.  I am an only child - so we are just having my dad over tonight and we will have a nice dinner with her favorite cake.  

This is a picture from about 5 or 6 years ago from her favorite place - her home in The Florida Keys.  She was so excited because she had just finished setting up a new place right on the ocean.  It is really stunning and when I am there - I feel her all around me.

The following is a quote Holly used on decor8 the other day and I think it really resonates with me when I think of my mom here on the beach outside our door...

“The tide recedes, but leaves behind bright seashells on the sand. The sun goes down, but gentle warmth still lingers on the land. The music stops, yet echoes on in sweet, soulful refrains. For every joy that passes, something beautiful remains.” – unknown.

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  1. Hi Tracey, how are you?

    I've read some of your comments on BYW, and I felt like seeing your blog.
    You have a very intimate and beautiful blog.

    I'm sorry about your mother.


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