Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wrap it up Thursday - Cottage Gifts

We've been invited to a couple of cottages this summer and I always struggle with what to bring to our generous hosts.  You want to be invited back again, right?, so besides helping out in the kitchen and cleaning up it's nice to let your hosts know how much you appreciate their hospitality.

Well, homemade goodies are always appreciated I think, but wrapped up in a nice package make them extra special. (first row)  The pancake mix left (Martha Stewart Weddings) and the homemade banana bread right (Jenny Steffens Hobick) are a nice way to elevate something simple.

(middle row left)  A new cottage owner would really appreciate a bucket of handy basics (Martha Stewart) and I think the fire starter right (Whole Living) piled up in a beautiful basket would be awesome.

(bottom row)  A simple jar of natural cleaning supplies (Julie Blanner) or cookies ready to make (Bakerella) would be an easy way to say thanks!

If you are really feeling crafty, and you have the time beforehand, wouldn't it be nice to make these coasters (Girl in Air) with map pieces of the lake or cabin you are going to.  I like this because they are super useful and the host will always remember your thoughtfulness, year after year.

This has been a gift I have put together a couple of times this summer.  The Zoku popsicle maker with the amazing watercolor popsicle tags from Creature Comforts.  They work so well together and for hosts with kids, I think it is a great gift that everyone can get together too make and enjoy. 

 Sometimes, those lazy days at the cottage affords all of us the time to play around with things like popsicle makers, where we may not take the time in a fast paced lives back in the city.    

I hope you are enjoying your last few weeks of the summer and even if you haven't had the chance to visit a lakeside cottage or cabin, these gifts still work for a barbecue for friends or why not have one yourself - maybe a popsicle making party? 


  1. you really always have the best ideas my friend...have fun at the cottages...just a few weeks left before back to school. xoxox

  2. I love these ideas! And that popsicle kit is wonderful. I've been obsessing about popsicles lately so I particularly appreciate this one!

    1. We have had alot of fun with this popsicle maker because it is instant gratification.

  3. Great ideas and resource! I miss going to cabins so much! Something CA isn't overflowing with it seems. Those map coasters are genius, might have to borrow the idea.


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