Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wrap it up Thursday - the simple flower

A simple flower topper

From - link for tutorial here

I missed wrap it up Thursday last week so,  I had to finish off the summer with one final wrapping.  This one is so beautiful in it's simplicity.  It's been a big hit over on pinterest.  I am always overwhelmed when someone shares their hard work so generously and this wrapping is no exception.  With a download and print you are all set to create a simple and beautiful gift wrap that would fit a wedding, birthday, housewarming or shower gift.  All the hard work is done - now you can sit back and look like the thoughtful gift-giver you are.

Next week I hope to be back in full gear.  Kids back in school,  routines to establish and the last (hopefully) warm days to savour.  I've been playing around with pics for a new banner and I have a fun project for back to school babysitting gigs.

Have a great weekend!

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