Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Babysitting Craft Kit - Plastic Rings

Who knew you could repurpose plastic milk carton rings into fun jewelry?  Well,  I saw this a lifetime ago in American Girl or some kind of kid's craft magazine.  I can't find the original story but I decided to do a new version, for the babysitting gigs the girls start getting in the fall. 

They have a group of girls they babysit that love to craft and it is always fun to find something for them to do that doesn't require alot of supplies or make a huge mess.

With a layer of glue, a piece of yarn or twine (one with the addition of a paper initial) can be wrapped in a circular design starting at the center.  (top photo and lower left)

Layers of paper tape can be arranged in a design and then lifted onto the front of the ring and then clipped and wrapped to fit. (middle row)

With a dip of the top in glue,  I added beach glass to one, added sticker gems in a design and dipped another in glitter.  (top photo - center right)        *note- coat the glitter ring with clear coat or hairspray to stop it from shedding and cover the stones and gems with clear coat to help keep them on*

All the supplies fit a small cardboard suitcase and can easily be transported. (bottom right)

My girls used to love crafting with their babysitter and this craft is great because it is fast, easy and relatively mess free.  (moms love that :)  )

The girls wanted to wear the neon twine and yarn rings which makes me think you might not need "little" kids to make these rings...

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