Monday, November 21, 2011

Thinking of Spring ... and a new winner

Thinking ahead ... to spring!

 1. House of Turquoise    2. Style Me Pretty  (Christian P Photography) 3. House of Turquoise   4. Style Me Pretty  (Photos by Amanda Hein) 5. At Home Arkansas  6.  Style Me Pretty (Eric Kelley Photography)  7. Creature Comforts  8. This Modern Romance

It's starting to get cold out now and everywhere I look I am seeing this combination of turquoise, green and a touch of apricot.  I tend to stay in my rut of blue and linen but I think this spring I am going to take it up a notch.

This is a mood board I created for the Blogging Your Way course.  I have posted it on my flickr page.
I started out with my usual blues and linens (on the left) but when I looked at all the images from blogs that I liked (on the right) I realized you need a hit of a complimentary colour to really make the arrangement pop.  And every time I removed some of my felted green balls in the felted bowl I realized green balanced it all out.  Lesson learned .. perhaps ... maybe ... well I guess I'll see this spring!

Finally, you may recall the giveaway for the holiday corsage?  Well I never heard from Kathy so we have a new winner.

Congratulations Maaike!

The 29th comment -

Maaike said...

Hi Tracey, Of Course I would love to enter... and win! The brooch is so pretty, absolute joy.

Love, Maaike

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  Contact me with your address and I will send the corsage your way!


  1. Lovely board and how lucky is Maaike? I can't stop thinking about your package in your last post. As always thanks for sharing.

  2. Danee is right, I am extremely lucky!! Yahoo!! I will be dancing around all Christmas with my new brooch, yay.

    Oh and your green-blue-apricot is very pretty Tracey!

    Love, Maaike

  3. Thanks Danee. Glad you liked the last post too. It looks like you like glitter as much as my friend Tiffany! Maaike - I'm glad you are excited about the brooch :)

  4. Such a beautiful color combination and your inspiration board is really lovely!

  5. Gorgeous color combinations, and great mood boards! I never got around to doing that particular project for class, but I've been inspired by all the other gorgeous boards!


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