Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wrap it up Thursday - Krafting a Package

Look at all this krafty goodnes.  Gorgeous twine, simple paper bags, kraft labels and parchment- like twine.  There is something so beautiful with these somewhat utilitarian wrappings.

From top clockwise - twine  Hempcraft, bags The Party Studio, Scallop Tags Inspire Lovely,
Paper Twine PaperPhine

First Row, Jute wrapworks, Kraft Paper Bags Inspirelovely
Second Row, Paper Bags  Wrap so Pretty,  Cotton Twine, Inspirelovely

I just love the simplicity of a gift covered in kraft - it's spareness seems to somehow add a sophistication to a gift.

Rice Krispie Squares seem gourmet (Thinkgarnish), A simple gift wrapped in a kraft coffee filter (a creative mint) and food gifts simply wrapped and tagged (sweet paul)
All somehow seem elevated in a plain but beautiful wrapping.

So grab some office supplies, pantry staples and garden twine and wrap up a hostess gift - it will always look chic and stylish!


  1. Kraft paper and bags are my favourite wrapping supplies.... Especially with red and white bakers twine......

  2. I just started using kraft paper and labels to gift wrap around Christmas time, and its my favorite its so easy to work with. Much less flimsy than regular wrapping paper and looks so much nicer.

  3. I love using kraft paper - great examples!!


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