Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wrap it up Thursday - Sweater Cuff for a Take out Cup

 We have a new tea shop in my neighbourhood with the most beautiful take-out cups.  They really don't need a pretty cuff to cover them up but they are awfully hot.

To make the cuff :

1 - I used the arm of a felted wool sweater and some bright coloured yarn.  I used a thick needle I use for knitting, and embroidered a design with the yarn.
2 - I cut off the wrist end of the sweater - it is the perfect size for a cup cuff.
3 - I just used some of the blue yarn to edge the finished edge of the cuff 
4 - and the pink yarn to stitch up the unfinished edge.  Then I added decorative stitching as a pattern around the cuff.  I turned the cuff inside out to tidy up the loose ends.

I followed the existing sweater "knit" stiches to create my pattern.

That's it.  Play with any design you like - and your cup cuff will be ready in jiffy.  Say that three times fast!


  1. So darling...don't you love David's Tea...I am soooo hooked! Happy March!

    1. Koralee, I know so many choices - such a cute cup. What's not to love and the day I picked up that fruity green tea - it was free!

  2. i still haven't tried it yet! this is darling though. And I love that its reusable and personal :)

  3. Fantastic eco-idea! Lovely colors.


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