Monday, February 27, 2012

Felted Bowls - for Organizing

You may recall from my last post , I have been on a bit of a tear lately.  My mood is a bit suspect and so when I look around at the usual mess of life it sometimes makes me want to scream.  Time to weed out all the bits and pieces that are unnecessary.  Sometimes I think I want to get rid of all my itsy, bitsy crafty odds and ends and start with a clean slate.  I would probably just start to make and collect again but the idea is tempting.

One thing I have made over the past few years that helps me sort out some of this "mess" and corral all the odds and ends are felted bowls.  I like them because they are a project but also because they are nice and soft and you can put in special jewelry or lay them on top of a more precious surface and not worry.  I began making the bowls based on a pattern from Leigh Radford's book One Skein.  Love that book and these bowls knit up easily. Although, I must admit at first, before I gave them a hot wash, I was worried that they would be too flimsy but they do wash up quite firmly, especially the smaller bowls.  I started making up my own sizes, once I got onto how it all worked.

Although I can store all sorts of things in these bowls I think my favourite is my collection of felted balls both store bought, homemade and knitted.  You have probably seen the bowl pop up in shots and I always find it a source of inspiration.  

Well one crafted project is complete and stored away.
My felted bowl runneth over with felted goodness.  Now... where are my scissors...


  1. I've been sick, so my mood is suspect too. I absolutely love felting, and these bowls and sweet felted balls are so dear. Hope the process is brightening your outlook.

    1. Thanks Lauren. Yes feeling a tad better. Sorry you aren't feeling well - with all the crazy weather there seems to be alot of different bugs going around. Hope you feel better :)

  2. beautiful crafting yet again Tracey, I love your work!

  3. Thank you so much Ana - your so sweet!


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