Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wrap it up Thursday - Covering Books

 We like to cover our books around here.  It's a great way to have your textbooks stand out in the classroom - you always know which ones are yours.

When we've wrapped school books, we always stamp the cover and sides so you know what it is when you grab it off a locker shelf.  Look how pretty stamping can look- top from here (the sweetest occasion), bottom from here (martha stewart).

At home, I covered some of my design books with semi-opaque tissue.  These books sit on bookshelves and I love how the colour unifies the shelving.  It is the first thing you see when you walk into our family room so I didn't want it to look busy.  The great thing is you can still see what the books are through the paper.  Sometimes this isn't necessary but sometimes you need to know what's underneath.

I love the look of these pretty paper covered books from Twig and Thistle.  It is actually from a how-to on using bookmarks as a place setting for a wedding.

It got me thinking.  I have a very plain journal, that I have been scratching ideas in, that needs a little t.l.c..

Based on tutorials like this, I took some pretty spring-like paper to beautify my journal.

Measure around your book with a couple of extra inches from the top and the bottom, and the sides when open (2nd photo).  Once you fold the top and bottom to fit, you create channels to slide your cover in (bottom photo on left).  Repeat the process for the other cover - it will take some fiddling (bottom photo on right).  You can anchor the folds with tape, if necessary.

Now I want to wrap all my books!

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  1. Such a lovely idea! I think I will have to use this lovely tutorial to prettify some of my books! x


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