Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wrap it up Thursday - Last Minute Valentine Round-up

 Sweet - Valentine Pouches.  I simply love The Purl Bee.  I was in my glory when I went to their shop in SoHo and I have made many of their projects that they share on line.  I think this is one of the sweetest ones yet and although it is one of the more ambitious projects in this valentine round-up, it is still very doable.  The project is laid out with beautiful simplicity and even if you make just a couple for your sweeties (instead enough for a whole classroom!) it is sure to bring a smile.

A gumball necklace. I made this last year for my girls.    It is the presentation that makes it work. So simple and so charming.  This project is from One Charming Party.

 If all you do is cut up a simple banner like this and hang it up - it's a party.  This is from Rebecca Cooper Photography.

Here is a simple re-wrap - how easy is that.  Very, very clever - and I think so realistic from Living Lucurto.

I also did this last year.  Another rewrap.  This is from Eat, Drink, Chic. Just a simple way to dress up a favourite local coffee shop take out.

This is my favourite this year.  From Sweet Muffin Suite, another simple download.  I have another idea of what to put in, instead of the pencil but we'll just have to wait.  I don't want to spoil the surprise.

I think it is so wonderful that all these artists and crafters share their artwork.  It makes last-minute gift giving  easier ...but still special.

Plug in your printer, fire up your sewing needle and get out the scissors.  This valentine's day can be all wrapped up in no time.

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