Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wrap it up Thursday - Knitted Basket of Goodies

I have been in a foul mood lately.  I don't know if it is hormones, weather or what but everyone better just look out.  When I feel like this I need to find something meditative to do until I feel better.  That usually is knitting.  So, for the last two nights I tried to squeeze it in before bed.  Just a quick project.

I have made a couple of these knitted baskets from Joelle Hoverson's (purl bee) more last-minute knitted gifts.  The smaller of the three baskets whips up in a jiffy.  Really.  Then, after, you feel much better.

A couple of weeks ago I made some felted macarons and I was having a hard time trying to wrap them up.  Nothing looked right.  Our good friends have a little girl that I have knit a few things for and her birthday is coming up.  She loves to pretend and I thought that she could pretend she has a little bakery with a few knitted items including the macarons.  So now she will have a basket of goodies including a cute little cupcake that comes out of its wrapping - you can find it here.  (beeknits)  I have made a few of the larger cupcakes (the one out of the basket) for my etsy shop.  I call it the inside out knitted cupcake because when you turn it inside out it becomes a head of lettuce.

So I will pack this up for our little friend.  I can just hear her sweet little voice now - pretending to give her daddy a little goody - there now I am starting to feel a little bit better - a little bit -
hmmm ... I may need to knit a blanket...


  1. How dear are these! I've seen several projects in that book that caught my eye, just haven't pulled the trigger on buying it yet. I loved her first book. I haven't knit in ages. It's definitely a cold weather treat for me, and this winter just isn't cold enough to tempt me to get my needles out.

    1. We are expecting snow tomorrow so I am thinking I need to work on the Purl Bee Hudson Bay Blanket :) for my cousin's little guy. There are SO many great projects in the second book (as well as the first) - knitting is definitely something you can fall in and out of depending on your circumstance at the time - and for sure the weather - I find it hard to knit in the summer. The great thing with how her books are arranged though - is by investment in time - cute little projects you can do in an evening or two - then it is fun to get your needles out, no?

  2. Awe they look good enough to eat! I really love the felt macaroons! They look so delicious! I think I need to buy some... now! xxx

  3. I think she'll love it! It's a perfect present for a little girl... or for an older girl ;)


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