Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wrap it up Thursday - Father's Day

With Father's Day coming up this weekend, I thought I would do a mini round-up of some cute ideas for the dad, grandpa, uncle, friend or mentor in your life.  Don't you find these guys are the hardest to shop for.  Nothing ever seems quite right but I thought no matter what I do for a gift this weekend, these little add-ons and doable kid crafts would make anything I come up with more special.

I think the Super Dad printables for special treats (top) is absolutely adorable, from L'il Luna.     My husband loves certain treats and this would be great to take to the office for a mid-afternoon pick me up.
Scott also loves to get new socks.  I know - weird right?  But how cute would it be to find some black and white socks (the only kind he wears) and wrap them up in these adorable downloadable labels, from Hello Lucky.  Danyelle from Dandee put together this basket with a yummy sandwich for teachers this year but I think it would be great for Dad - you could take him to his favourite park and play ball, frisbee or just rest on a blanket in the shade.  And finally every dad wants to think they are the best.  How sweet is this downloadable Father's Day card from Funkytime.

My own dad is a different story.  I always struggle to find him something he doesn't have - not easy.  I think this year I am going to put together an easy care terrarium  The one pictured left from Making it Lovely was featured by Nicole Balch on the West Elm Blog.  I went to West Elm and they have alot of products (including no fuss air plants) to help put together a simple self contained garden.  My dad is a huge cyclist (both mountain and road) and he loves a really good dark chocolate for a treat so this cute downloadable treat sleeve from Anything but Perfect will definitely be part of his gift.  I picked up the band aids from urban outfitters a couple of months ago, when I saw them.  These are perfect.  My dad always has a slash, cut, sore etc. from all his sporting events.  This will be a fun thing to show off when the bikers meet for coffee after their ride.

Finally I plan to wrap it all up in this adorable printable from Hermes.  When you go to the site, highlight the Travel the world with Hermes Icon and it will take you to half a dozen beautiful downloads, for a paper bag to cut out.  I think he will love this one.

I wish I could show more but with school finishing up, my on-line blogging class and a trip to plan, I am running out of time.  I'm hoping that with a couple of these ideas no one will know I ran out of Father's Day planning time ...


  1. Great cute ideas, and love your table by the window :) xo Holly

  2. Tracey these are so adorable!! That L'il Luna box is my favorite though!! Love it! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. I know I think it is the cutest - you could put anything in the bottles. Favourite beers, softs drinks etc.


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