Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wrap it up Thursday - Wrap Bracelets in Neon

When I picked up all that neon twine from the hardware store and started playing around with it for wrapping in this post, I realized it would be great to use for wrap bracelets.

Along with the twine, I assembled the other elements I had used for our bracelet making sessions I talked about here.

I played around with a few of the ideas we used for our bracelets made from embroidery thread, but I think this summer, we can come up with all sorts of ways of using neon twine as a bracelet.

One of my favorites is this simple braided bracelet.  Two colors of each strand simply braided together.
To make the loop for one end, I broke the strands into two of each color grouping and braided one side. (top middle)  Then I formed a loop, tied it all together and trimmed. (top right)

At the bottom I broke the strands into two color groupings and braided those and knotted (bottom middle)  Those two strands are the ties for the loop.

For the simple friendship bracelet I just used one strand of each color and followed the friendship bracelet instructions from this post.  I simply braided each end after the knots to make a simple tie. (middle)

With the bead chain and neon twine I wrapped round the leather cord like we did in our previous bracelet post.

Oh neon, I wasn't sure you were for me but now I see so many possibilities.  Just a touch of neon brightens a look and adds a little punch to your wardrobe or interior space.

I think the neon twine is going to make its way to the camp pack... I figure by then I will be sick of it and ready for fall ... Oh fall, yummy burnt orange, greys and browns ...


  1. Oh boy does this look like FUN...a perfect way to spend a Summer afternoon...reminds me of the days my grandma and I would spend our summers together. xoxo


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