Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wrap it up Thursday - The Key to Great Wrapping

1- oh hello friend      2- helana and ali  3- making it yourself - Craftberry Bush

I finally came up with a great teacher gift - all ready to go.  However, now of course, instead of making all the little elements of the gift, I feel the need to wrap it up nicely.  I have to make sure that I don't go too crazy on the wrapping - I mean come on - 
but still I plan...

I've been thinking about adding a little key - you know - "you are the key to a great year" ... I can see the girls rolling their eyes now.  It might not pass the sniff test but it is an idea nonetheless.

I got a deal on these little babies.  Actually they aren't that little but I showed them to my niece, a teacher, and she thought she would appreciate it if she got it as a gift so that was good enough for me.

The box itself is great (don't have a picture but trust me it is cute) and I don't want to cover it up.
So a key with tag may be my answer.  

Key or no key, whatever I come up with, I will share next week.  And maybe show a few other teacher gift ideas - I know - I can't help myself.


  1. I'm a teacher -- I love useful gifts! this would be pretty for home OR for the classroom. I think "you are the key to a great year" sounds fabulous. Using rich language (and plays on words) are a huge part of literacy.....

    1. Martha - I'm so glad, as a teacher, you think it is a useful gift. I love to read all your pins about teaching - I think you must be a great teacher !


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