Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wrap it up Thursday - Neon Packages

After I wrapped up a coffee cup a couple of weeks ago,  I decided maybe neon could hang around for awhile.  I mean, I see it everywhere from interiors to all these cute wrapping ideas.

I found a few of these from pinterest.  The polka dot packages are simply neon stickers on kraft paper.  How cute and how easy - (Project Wedding, photo Chelsea Fuss). 

I really love this look of simply painting the inside of a kraft box a bright color like this.  This would be cute for a small kraft box as well.  Found via pinterest Jeanette Lunde

The tags are from etsy Knit & Bow  found via Oh Happy Day.

How sweet to simply pack up in bright pink tissues - great in a grouping- Frolic (Project Wedding Photos Lisa Warninger) found via Jeanette Lunde    

And finally, the neon tape and paper tags from the House &Hold blog

And if you can't find neon bits and bobs for packaging, you can always hop over to funkytime and download this adorable neon wrap - all ready to go.

How easy is that?

For a spring gift, teacher gifts or mother's day - who wouldn't appreciate something bright and cheerful.

Okay Neon ... you are winning me over.  But I am definitely not going to wear a neon pink crop top with ripped shoulders and tease my hair... I have to draw the line somewhere.


  1. AS a child of the 80's I was horrified when Neon started showing up again. Remember by the close of the 80''s "friends don't let friends wear neon" was the slogan. However I am finding that small amounts of it are really chic. Don't get me wrong, The Limited Too is a horrific 80's redo that needs to be shut down but I have seen some amazing home decor projects and craft projects that use small amounts of Neon. I even bought a pair of neon-ish orange jeans from JCrew. What I think keeps neon fresh and fun is that it is paired with something rustic and toned down like kraft paper. I swooned over some drift wood sticks painted with stripes of neon color- again the neon juxtaposed with something rustic. Love the ideas you shared today.

    1. Hahaha I haven't thought about The Limited Too in years! Pretty sure all my 6th grade babysitting money was spent there!

  2. Yes! Loving the neon. It's so perfect for summer! I especially love funkytime's gift wrap! Glad to have discovered your blog. :)


  3. I love these packaging ideas, I'm trying to think how I could work a little neon into the packaging for my etsy. Thanks for a great post x


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