Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wrap it up Thursday - Last Minute Mother's Day DIY

You can have all the best intentions but sometimes life gets in the way and you run out of time.  If you might not have much time before this sunday and you want to put together a little something personal, maybe an add-on to a flower arrangement or favorite candy, here are a few suggestions.

Above - I quickly printed out a couple of old photos of the girls.  They would be so sweet on a beautiful pencil or pen but I couldn't find any - so hey - they kind of dress up these plain, old pencils.  Make sure you give yourself some space above the head and below the feet for the pencil holes.

I think I would love to have my family put together a cute package like this and rent my favorite chick flicks with a magazine or two... hint, hint.

This is from Martha Stewart.

If you have a little more time - this sweet vanilla sugar packaged so beautifully would be a lovely thought.

This is a valentine's gift from Somewhere Splendid but could easily be adapted for Mother's Day.

How cute.  A card that even the least creative can add to a special gift and let the "mom" in their life feel special.

This is from How about Orange.  You could use a great color that matches your flowers or whatever gift you are including with it.

In either black and white or color, any mother's desktop would love to have a reminder of the special "child" in their life.  I will pop these onto my desk jar and smile with the memories of my little girls over the years ... and that is all a mom wants anyway.

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