Friday, May 18, 2012

Wrap it up Thursday - Wrapping up Lunch

It seems sort of crazy that as we wrap up the school year, I am thinking about school lunches.  I'll tell you why.  It is always, always a source of frustration.  Missing bags, cups, bottles, forks, knives, coolers and containers.  It all adds up and some days it makes me want to scream.  Okay, I actually do scream.  I wish I knew the answer  but I don't.  That isn't going to stop me from hoping though ... that a solution is near - a DIY or store bought solution - something.  I think this (prudent baby) DIY is adorable.  This print is too cutesy for the girls at this stage but not too cutesy for me.  I just need to use a different print for them.

I love this grouping from Martha Stewart.  Simple and straightforward.  The question is how mad will I be when it doesn't make it home.  I have to weigh my choices here.

I love these containers.  I mean I really love them.  Yes, I would be cross if they didn't make it home.  That blue is too good.

How about these?

I actually got my dad the bright blue and green one for boating in the Keys.  I haven't really seen him use it but I love the idea of all the stacked containers, containing everything you need for a fabulous lunch.  Too big for school though.

These are neat and I have seen them around town.  It helps keep everything separated.  And yes, sadly, even at 15 years old, some people don't like it when different foods touch each other.

Speaking of food.  That, ultimately is what I am confronted with.  What keeps and is appealing, healthy  and safe to eat after a few hours in a container.  I really haven't solved this dilemma but now I will give myself some time this summer to come up with some ideas. Could I put something together like this so that packing is fun and easy?

I'd like to think so.  The possibilities are there and one can only be optimistic at this point.  I just haven't been able to crack the lunch code.   

But when I do won't this fabric look cute, wrapped around a delicious, well-received lunch?

I have had this oilcloth (Kaffe Fassett) around now for 2 years - I am going to try something with it.  

I'll let you know when I come up with something good ... have a great weekend!

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  1. Cool post! I'm always looking for small containers for my daughter's lunch. I like the hard plastic ones with the separate compartments for her. For me, lunch would be more appealing in one of those pretty bags~
    (FYI- found you on the BYW yahoo group and wanted to stop by and say hello!)


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