Monday, April 30, 2012

DIY - Photo Wreath for Mother's Day

I find it hard to celebrate Mother's Day without my mom.   I can remember the first Mother's Day after I had Helana, she was just a couple months old and I was so excited.  Not because it was my first Mother's Day but because I could celebrate my mom both as a mother and as a grandmother.  She was so excited to finally be a grandma, and I finally over that last year, learned to appreciate what it takes to be a mom.  So this year, my fifth mother's day without her, I decided to do a little project that included a little bit of my mom. 

She loved linen and burlap.  I thought about burlap for this but I had all this linen and frankly I figured strips of burlap were going to make a big mess I just didn't feel like cleaning up.  I had a wreath left over from my valentine love note wreath so I thought I would do a version of that for Mother's Day.  Like the love notes - you could customize this wreath each year by adding and replacing photographs.  I just grabbed a bunch of photos from my photoshop folders - but the trick was to easily resize them to make a banner.

I used picmonkey to play around with 10 photos and added artistic frames to some and sepia tones to others.  Then I loaded those pictures into Picassa and made a grid collage with a 5:3 widescreen photo frame.  Each picture measures 2 inches wide and 1 1/4 inches deep.

I started out with an 12 inch diameter styrofoam wreath.

I wrapped the wreath in linen strips that I made from a recycled linen slipcover.

I added a little bit of twine to approximately 1/8 of the wreath or about 5 inches.
A separate piece of paper twine is the basis of the photo banner (27 inches long including ties at each end)
Once I decided on the length, I was able to lay out the photo arrangement.

Details : twine/glue gun/flower corsage

A little dovetail in each photo seemed to fit the banner and once arranged, I glue gunned the pictures in place.

The flowers are made from strips of linen (cream one made from thick, cotton ribbon)
You can find many diy's of rolled fabric flower making on-line including here. (my sparkle)

 I think my mom would have loved this wreath.  She would be so proud of her granddaughters and just amazed how much they have grown up over the past 5 years.


  1. Such a cute wreathe! :) Hope you have a great Monday! xo Holly

  2. So sorry about your mom!

    What a beautiful wreath and memories to go with it!! A fabulous idea - and your pictures are great as usual ;)

    1. Thanks so much Ashlyn - you know how it is - you appreciate your mom when you follow in her footsteps ... and you realize how hard it is.

  3. I LOVE This idea, I even featured it in my DIY Mothers Day Gift Ideas post! This is my favorite gift idea ever!

  4. Hi!

    A year later... but I saw your wreath and had to make one for my mom. It is just beautiful. My mom is moving into an assisted living apartment so I made her one to hang on the door so she will know which apartment is hers.

    1. Hi Cindy - that makes me so happy. I am so glad this project inspired such a wonderful gift. I am sure your mom is going to love it. Thanks for writing! :)

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