Monday, April 23, 2012

A Layer Cake from Better Homes and Gardens

The May issue of Better Homes and Gardens is out and if you haven't seen it, it has the most beautiful, tempting cake on the cover.  It is layers of that color.  You know, tangerine tango.  Maybe not exactly, more pink than that but still very 2012.  I haven't taken on a baking project for a while but this cake had me baking this weekend.  Okay, so it isn't perfect.  Next time I would use more of the icing between the layers and I would work on getting my layers nice and even but I do think that the color is bang on.  So pretty and fresh.

You start by tinting the whole batter with some red food coloring for light pink - taking out half to bake and adding more food coloring to the remaining batter, to get that deeper color.  The best thing about this cake, though, is the lemon flavor.  With concentrated lemonade and lemon extract the cake tastes as fresh as it looks.  It really is a simple cake, designed by Karen Tack of Hello Cupcake, and I appreciated that, as it pretty much took over my kitchen for the day.  Any more complicated and I might have spent the weekend on a cake.

It would be so pretty for a shower, bridal or baby, but I think I might perfect my layers and serve it up for Mother's Day.  Once again, perfectly imperfect... but tasty.


  1. Wow! It's amazing! I can't imagine how long you were at your kitchen making this cake...It looks perfectly perfect:)

    1. Where can I find the recipe for this cake?

    2. Thanks Feltia - maybe you should make a felt version :)
      And to anonymous - you will find the recipe in the may version of Better Homes and Gardens


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