Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Rainbow of Peeps

Happy Easter

We just came back from a break down south and instead of taking pictures of manatees and dolphins, I found myself taking pictures of these little guys.  I have never seen such an array of colours and I couldn't resist lining them up and grabbing a quick shot, before I left (they wouldn't be allowed on the plane).

With Easter just around the corner, these little guys would look adorable on cupcakes, as place cards and in baskets but alas... I had to leave them with my dad.  

I suggested he pile them up on a Key Lime Pie!


  1. Why wouldn't they be allowed on the plane? I brought back yellow peeps last year! (I also brought a water bottle stuffed full of brie, which they took away and tested and then let me have.....) They did confiscate my daughter's almond butter (too runny) but my peanut butter was no problem :)They also looked strangely at the white powdery stuff in my bag which was stevia from trader Joes....

    1. Ah Martha you make me laugh. It all depends on who you meet at the desk - we have had some lovely comedians and we have also had one fellow that blasted my daughters for having a granola bar and then suggest that we could be put on a no-fly list for lying on our declaration sheet. After that I am so paranoid!


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