Monday, April 16, 2012

From Picnik to PicMonkey

Picnik is leaving in a few days and I have been stressed out wondering how I would quickly fix up pictures and create collages.  On Friday I found out via Hello Hue that some of the picnic people have started up PicMonkey.  So I began to play around with it.  It is also a dream for newbies like me.  It looks like collage is on its way for this program and that will make it almost perfect.

Helana took this picture of Ali with a new hair band.  Look at all the neat things you can do to the pictures.  The girls are really excited to play around with pics for their tumblrs. 

It let me take this birthday picture of Helana and jazz it up a little.  Very "Florida Keysie"

And a polaroid version of a picture taken by the girls, while Scott had me out on the Jet Ski screaming for dear life.  I just love Ali's expression.  Ah ... sisterly love.

I ended up playing with a few project photographs for a new blog banner.  Not quite there yet but I can't go back.  Maybe that's a good thing.

All these cool effects have me thinking of a mother's day project...hmmm...


  1. I love is so much fun indeed :) ~Smiles, Holly

  2. I love your new header - and your girlies are so cute!!

  3. Great pics & beautiful girls! I recently heard about Pic Monkey and need to try it out. I think I'm still in denial that Picnik will vanish tomorrow. TOMORROW! Ahh.

  4. Ashlyn - thanks for the thumbs up on the new header - still not sure
    And to all - Picmonkey needs to have collage pronto - and I am missing pulling up all my pics on a page - but it is a start - yes?


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