Thursday, April 12, 2012

Wrap it up Thursday - Linen Wrap Bracelet inspired by Chan Luu

Inspired by a catalogue, I set out to create a casual bracelet to wear with my summer linens.  I think I will continue to experiment with silkier and brighter threads and maybe even tighter wrapping of the strips.  I'd like to try some different lighter weight fabrics as well.  Really, the sky's the limit.

My inspiration came from the Garnet Hill spring catalogue and these awesome Chan Luu wrap bracelets.

1 - Start with a strip of linen 1.5 inches wide and 26 inches long.  
2 - Iron it in half and sew a .5 inch seam from fold, creating a tube.
3 - With a safety pin, turn the tube inside out (unfinished edges now on inside)
4 - With bright pink embroidery thread, wrap one end as a point, wrap entire piece with thread, stopping every quarter inch or so and wrapping a few times as you make your way along the entire length of the tube.

At the other end, create a loop and wrap the ends tightly with thread for about half an inch.

I love linen with a touch of hot pink and I can think of all sorts of spring outfits this would work with.  The girls think I am too matchy matchy so I plan on going through my fabric stash and coming up with other combinations.  This is almost a reason to visit the fabric store :)

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