Monday, July 23, 2012

A few days ... for a bloggy break

I am taking a wee bloggy break this week. But rest assured, I have been working away on all sorts of projects.  Annoyingly, I sometimes do a bit of work on each one, not fully completing any of them, but that is another post entirely.

In a week's time, I'll be back ready to share the above and more.

In the meantime, I may be spending some of my time on the new window seat in my bedroom.  It was a floor model and perfectly fit into the jut out of my window.  I still have to decide how to deal with the curtains but I love how I can perch up over my front lawn, looking out at the oak trees and the hammock I have yet to perch on.

It's the perfect spot to hang out with my journal, mother's day pajamas and knitted socks.  The problem is, I only have the patience to hang out for a few minutes at a time.  There are so many summer projects, gardening projects, day trips and in general stuff to do, I often find that I don't appreciate the moments to enjoy some of the very projects I slog away at.

Well, I hope to work on that this week.

Here's to the breezy, warm summer days and nights that I hope you are all enjoying.  See you soon!

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