Monday, July 16, 2012

Flea Market Tea Cups - Glitterfied!

Truth be told - I don't really work on projects with anyone else.  Except for classes, and one evening of making scented bath salts for friends, my craft projects are, for the most part, solitary endeavours.  So when my dear friend Tiffany Pratt asked me to spend an afternoon playing around with a auction score of hers, how could I resist?!

You may recall I made Tiffany  a Glitter Pie Bracelet, as a guest post, for her Glitter Pie Blog.  I had seen bits and pieces of her home in pictures and let me say it did not disappoint.  With a white back drop, she has layered projects, gifts, art supplies, flea market scores (this list goes on) to create a dreamy, ethereal space that can only but fuel a creative soul.

Tiffany loves to work with recycled supplies in her projects so we started by using up her candle remnants.  I was a little worried about heating it all up, but she had it under control and expertly poured all the cups with melted wax that had been made from some isolated white bits, orange bits and pink pits.  

The fun came when we dipped into our crafty supplies, some from me, some from her, and added glitter, flowers and paint to make them unique and unexpected.

I loved them set out down the centre of the table - I think it would look great as a centrepiece for a brunch, shower or mother's day tea party - the guests could take their own candle home after the party.

We customized each candle, according to the cup, keeping some simple and "ms. glitter pieing" others like the one top left.  Tiffany made that for me and I got to take it home!

I made this one for Tiffany.  She loves daschunds and I used the same sticky clear sheet I did for my chevron dish.  With a daschund silhouette drawn and cut from the sheet, I applied my dog to the floral area of the cup and painted over the area, creating a reverse stencil when I removed the sticker.

You might think, it wasn't the greatest idea to spend a hot summer afternoon in an space without air conditioning, heating up wax, but guess what? ... it was :) 

Thanks Tiffany, for a wonderful afternoon!


  1. How fun! I especially love your technique for the daschund! How clever and crafty of you!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are gorgeous! So fun - I'd love to make some and use them as a centrepiece for a tea party!

  3. Soooooo darling..I love your sweet extra touches of glam and bling! I made these for gifts last Christmas....your blog is always such a joy to visit. Hope your summer is going well...thanks for inspiring. xoxo


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