Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Barcelona Inspiration

I mentioned in my last post that in celebration of our 20th wedding anniversary, my husband and I took Helana and Ali on a trip.  I hinted that one of our destinations was Paris (where we started our honeymoon) but to start our short jaunt abroad we landed in Barcelona for a few days.  I should be showing you all the beautiful Gaudi architectural sites but instead I thought I would start with design inspiration from a lovely little restaurant called Luzia.

We found this lovely spot by catching sight of the adorable to-go window, as we walked along Las Ramblas.

Down the side street, you enter the restaurant - we could tell by the kitchen this place was for us.

I loved the line up of toppings, ready-to-go for their tapas selection.

The space was so dreamy with the lights, benches with pillows, linen and washed wood.

I had to get a shot of the lights.  It was like a beach bag.

The bar table had a selection of treats and a cooler built in - how great would this be for entertaining!
And I love the washed wood.

Don't we look happy.  We finally found a place we could all find something on the menu we liked.  Not easy to do with two picky teenage eaters.

I'll try not to bore you with too many pictures and posts ... I'll try ...


  1. Hi Tracey, this post looks amazing! I'm so glad you enjoyed it all - can't wait to see more pictures, no overload possible



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